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Hockey Pitch Cleaning

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 New Product!! 

A new product, Tri-Tennis for tennis coaching is available now from Sweepfast

Tri-tennis® XL is an extended version of the Tri-tennis® PRO. The XL-version is extremely suitable for individuals as well as for organizations, tennis clubs, tennis schools and other (sport-related) accommodations


Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance News
Posted On: 2014-12-08 08:28:46
3G Football Pitch Installation
3G Pitch Building


3G Football Pitch Installation

3G Pitch Building

3G Pitch Building

Another 3G pitch has been installed by Sweepfast in central London, where there was once an old failing sand filled surface. This old surface although only 10 years old was fast becoming fragile, wearing out and exhibiting signs of seam failure. The school, who rent out the facility in the evenings and weekends was also losing rental customers because of the condition of the surface.

It was finally decided to supply and install a 50mm deep Playrite Conqueror 3G surface with inlaid lines for football, and the removal of the existing surface began. Upon starting removal of the existing surface it was discovered  ..... (read more)


Synthetic Grass Surface Refurb

Excessive water lying on the surface of a synthetic grass tennis court or hockey pitch could be an indication the drainage is failing and that all is not well with the infill which may have become blocked with contamination, leaving black sludge deposits. However this may not be the end, and in most cases pitch replacement is not necessary. Sweepfast provides a cost effective solution for tennis court maintenance or hockey pitch maintenance, to breathe new life into the surface and restore the drainage. 
With the Hydrofast process the contaminated infill and debris are removed, the fibres washed clean and the infill replaced with new, restoring the drainage and playability.


New Release From Texas

A Powered Sweeper For Only £660.00 Including VAT and Delivery and Now With a Free Collector Box or Snow Blade Included!!

The new Texas Handysweep model the 650TG now on a revised chassis and gearbox with three forward and one reverse gear, sweeping 600mm width with a 400rpm 350mm diameter brush, powered by the unbeatable Powerline TG720S 212cc engine.

Click here for more

A Stainless Steel Chassis Pedestrian Spreader for less than £200.00 + Del and VAT, for the even distribution of fine salt on synthetic grass and other surfaces. With built in control flaps to avoid over spreading where not needed.


To download the complete Texas Machinery Catalogue click Here


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